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Hospital gowns for a child's companion buddy.

Handmade gowns

Homemade hospital gowns for a child's little buddy

We know that many children spend their time in hospitals, clinics, and germ free environments. Many children with disease, illness, or a disabling medical condition are unable to play outside. Their doll or bear may be their best friend.

what we do

We Help Sick Children

Wishers and Dreamers is a non-profit that sends little hospital gowns to children all over the world, as well as delivering them to children’s hospitals. Our volunteers are very important to us. They are the ones who make all the hospital doll gowns. They put their hard work and love into each gown in hopes that it helps a child with what they are going through with their medical issues.

what others say


Elizabeth Betancur

Mother | Volunteer

For them to not be alone is just a wonderful thing because there are moments when you can’t go back with them, but they can still have their buddy. So it’s a very very great thing for the children.

Tiffany Hoekstra

Senior Development Officer
Loma Linda University Children's Hospital Foundation

Wishers and Dreamers not only provides gowns for our children, they provide hope. What they do for our little ones and the community is inspirational.


Recipient | Volunteer

It’s just amazing to have if you’re really scared about a PICC Line or IV, …

It’s always nice to hold on to a doll or something.


Home-made gowns for a child's companion buddy.

Made with 100% love by our volunteers!
All gowns are sent to children FREE of charge.