Thank yous from real families

Teddy Bear Gown

Thank you for our little Superhero Beau's gown. We are facing another surgery in the near future and hopefully this will come as a comfort!

Teddy Bear Gown

This picture means the WORLD to us. This is the first gown we mailed out when we resumed sending our gowns to kiddos. We suspended mailing our gowns for over two months due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are so joyful to be able to send our gowns to children all over the world once again.

Mickey Mouse Gown

Please say a prayer for Elijah. He had surgery today. His best buddy Mickey is by his side.💖

Piglet Gown

Piglet got his new hospital gown just now and Kaleb had to put it right on him.

Buddy Gown

We spent all Sunday in the ER at Radys (Children's Hospital.)  Mikey loves to have his friends with him while we wait the Drs.

Doll Gown

Addy received her new gown from Wishers and Dreamers.
She recently had surgery and is doing well.

Addy, we are so happy you are doing well after your surgery. You're so beautiful! You have the prettiest eyes! We are glad you like the new gown for your baby doll.