Thank yous from real families

Teddy Bear Gown

Ella received her new gown from Wishers and Dreamers.
Ella's Mommy wrote: "Here they are all ready for bed xx"

Teddy Bear Gown

Maggie received her gown from Wishers and Dreamers. Keep on smiling Maggie!

Buddy Gown

Aleeah Faith and Berry with her special Minnie Mouse gown from the bottom of our hearts thank you god bless you guys enormously.

Teddy Bear Gown

Thank you so much. The gown is perfect, and so heartfelt!!!! Here is my precious Elijah, with his first teddy bear, wearing the special gown. God bless you all, this is an item we will keep forever. Thank you!

Teddy Bear Gown

Aiden received his gown from Wishers and Dreamers. Aiden and his bear are both wearing Thomas the Train. Cute as a button

Doll Gown

Jordyn is recovering from her brain surgery like a champ with her baby by her side. Jordyn and her baby are so adorable!