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Doll Gown

Leilani's Mommy recently sent us these sweet pictures of Leilani and her doll. Leilani isn't feeling well. Please take a moment to say a prayer for her.

Leilani, we hope you feel better soon Princess. We are glad you still have the gown on your baby doll. It's nice you have your doll by your side to comfort you.
Keep on Wishing and Dreaming Leilani!


Teddy Bear Gown

Thank you for our little Superhero Beau's gown. We are facing another surgery in the near future and hopefully this will come as a comfort!


Teddy Bear Gown

This picture means the WORLD to us. This is the first gown we mailed out when we resumed sending our gowns to kiddos. We suspended mailing our gowns for over two months due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are so joyful to be able to send our gowns to children all over the world once again.

Grayson, You're just as cute as a button! Your matching dinosaur pj's are so cute. We're happy you like your new gown for your Teddy.Keep on Wishing and Dreaming Grayson!


Baby Fox Gown

Clover loves the gown for her "baby fox" Thank you sooo much!


Teddy Bear Gown

Aiden received his gown from Wishers and Dreamers. Aiden and his bear are both wearing Thomas the Train. Cute as a button


Buddy Gown

We just wanted to send a huge thank you from Sebastian for his buddies hospital gown! We had an unexpected hospital stay and he was so happy to see him this morning. Thank you all for everything you do.


Teddy Bear Gown

Ryan got his gown for his bear today and he was so happy!! Thank you so much for making his day. He said the gown looked so cool!!

We will definitely be bringing him on our next trip to St Judes to show him off!!


Teddy Bear Gown

Thank you! Olivia loves the new gown for her teddy bear!


Mickey Mouse Gown

Please say a prayer for Elijah. He had surgery today. His best buddy Mickey is by his side.


Doll Gown

Thank you so much for the gown that you sent my daughter. Firstly, the experience of receiving a mail by post was excellent - Nandy loves reading books and we read one about a boy sending his grandma a mail, and then she received this mail with her name and address on it, from you. Awesome!

She loves dolls and dressing her with the gown. Picture attached. Everything is well now and perfect with God's grace and our beloved Lord Jesus Christ Thank you for being such kind and giving people - we are touched.


Bunny Gown

Benji says thank you so much for bunny's hospital gown!


Lamb Gown

Thank you so much for the precious gown you sent to our daughter, I was really happy when we got it, I never thought that it would make it through all the way to out country, Ecuador.

Valerie is so happy with the gown for her Lamby, since we spend a lot of time in the hospital with medical appointment, physical and language therapies and testings.May God bless you and your team, because the labor you do is so kind and lovely.


Curious George Gown

Christian took curious George to his appointment today instead of snoopy (snoopy was in his bag if he needed him) but curious George had his 1st dr check-up today.


Dog Gown

Emily had her surgery Thursday. She loved having her dog Chase wear a gown like her.

She had some problems waking up with anesthesia and her lungs/o2 in the recovery at the hospital. And now days later is still struggling with a lung infection.

But having Chase in a gown with her at the beginning when she remembers it all made her smile and giggle.
Thank you for her smiles!


Buddy Gown

We spent all Sunday in the ER at Radys (Children's Hospital.)  Mikey loves to have his friends with him while we wait the Drs.


Teddy Bear Gown

Ella received her new gown from Wishers and Dreamers. Ella's Mommy wrote: "Here they are all ready for bed xx"


Teddy Bear

Thank you so much. The gown is perfect, and so heartfelt!!!! Here is my precious Elijah, with his first teddy bear, wearing the special gown.

God bless you all, this is an item we will keep forever. Thank you!


Buddy Gown

My daughter received the gown for her buddy today. Thank you!!!

Made with 100% love by our volunteers!
All gowns are sent to children FREE of charge.