Thank yous from real families

Froggy Gown

This is little Dylan and his Froggy with his Charlie Brown gown on! 😃
Thank you so much, it made his day!!!

Doll Gown

This is Val. She received her miniature hospital gown in the mail today from your organization. She says she feels so special knowing that this gown was made just for her. She absolutely lives duckies and the gown pattern is perfect!  She is so excited to have this gown for her favorite doll to attend her many upcoming appointments in Denver. Thank you so so much for this wonderful gift.

Doll Gown

Thanks for the gown for "Baby"! I love Tinkerbell and made my mommy take my picture with "Baby" in her gown on my Tinkerbell couch! I can't wait to show the nurses my baby's new gown when I go in for my next infusion! Thank you! Love, Shelby and "Baby"

Doll Gown

Sofia- Jay received her gown from wishers and dreamers. Sofia-Jay has had 3 open heart surgeries and having her fourth operation next year. Thank u as u can see she is delighted with it. Thank u x

Doll Gown

We are glad Jordyn received the gown before her neurosurgery consult and brain surgery next month. Keep on smiling Jordyn

Elephant Gown

Thank you for Blaycen's gowns. He loved it!