Thank yous from real families

Teddy Bear Gown

Thank you! Olivia loves the new gown for her teddy bear!

Teddy Bear Gown

Thank you so much for the gown for my son Liam! He will be undergoing a craniectomy and laminectomy in September.

Doll Gown

Leilani's Mommy recently sent us these sweet pictures of Leilani and her doll. Leilani isn't feeling well. Please take a moment to say a prayer for her.

Leilani, we hope you feel better soon Princess. We are glad you still have the gown on your baby doll. It's nice you have your doll by your side to comfort you.
Keep on Wishing and Dreaming Leilani! ❤

Dog Gown

Emily had her surgery Thursday. She loved having her dog Chase wear a gown like her.
She had some problems waking up with anesthesia and her lungs/o2 in the recovery at the hospital. And now days later is still struggling with a lung infection.
But having Chase in a gown with her at the beginning when she remembers it all made her smile and giggle.
Thank you for her smiles!

Teddy Bear Gown

Kadyn received the gown he won from Wishers and Dreamers.
Kadyn, your bear looks perfect in the new 4th of July gown. We are so happy you like the gown. You're growing up so fast handsome.
Keep on Wishing and Dreaming Kadyn! ❤

Teddy Bear Gown

Ethan was so excited to receive a hospital gown for Jayden! Now he wants one to match lol. Thank you so much you made his day when Jayden was included 😃 ....Ethan and Jayden's Journey!

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