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Pamela Babek

In 2013 Pamela sponsored a baby doll for a little girl named Mattie in Georgia that was battling brain cancer (DIPG.) The baby doll was custom made for Mattie to help her cope with her cancer journey. Mattie named her baby doll Angel. Trish, a breast cancer survivor, suggested making a hospital doll gown for Mattie’s baby doll and Mattie’s little sister’s baby doll.

Pamela posted the photo of the first hospital doll gown on FB. Due to Pamela’s involvement with children battling cancer, many parents started asking if we could make a gown for their child’s buddy.

Mattie and her doll, Angel, were our inspiration to create Wishers and Dreamers. We are thankful this little girl entered our lives and she will always have a special place in our hearts. Mattie earned her angel wings in November of 2013. We have received support from family, friends, and just about everyone that hears about our mission. We feel it’s important for all that are involved to feel the way we do when a child receives a gown for their buddy. The personal touch of our faith based mission is important to us.

Hospital gowns to children’s hospitals all over the USA

We deliver hospital gowns to children’s hospitals all over the United States, including Rady’s Children’s Hospital located in San Diego. We also deliver the gowns to the Ronald McDonald House located next to Radys. We have had the pleasure of meeting many children and their families over the years. Knowing many families from Temecula that receive care at Radys Children’s has created a special connection with San Diego. Some of these families have become part of our Annual Christmas Wish Tree Event where we partner up with another local charity. Dinner and gifts are provided for 42 children of 18 families that have a child battling medical issues.

Please visit our webpage at or visit our FB page “Wishers and Dreamers Hospital Doll Gowns” to see pictures of children and their companions, messages from parents, and updates on upcoming events.

We have been blessed to have the privilege of sending over 11,000 gowns to children all across the World for their special little friends. We want to thank everyone that has supported, donated, and sewed for Wishers and Dreamers. We are a volunteer and community based foundation. Without all our volunteers and supporters we would not be able to continue the mission of sending hospital doll gowns to children for their special little companions. Most of all, we want to thank the children for fighting a strong and courageous battle.

Always in need of more volunteers

We have hundreds of volunteers across the US. We are always in need of more volunteers. We can receive up to 60 gowns requests in a given day. We deliver about 100 gowns during our visits to the children’s hospitals. To keep up with our gown requests we rely on our wonderful volunteers and our community. With their support, we can continue the mission of putting smiles on children’s faces.

We are in need of funding to continue our mission of sending Wishers and Dreamers’ gowns to children all over the world. We are always in need of volunteers to sew. It’s a great project for children and adults to be involved with.

100% of donations to Wishers and Dreamers are used to send children hospital doll gowns and to host hospital events for the kiddos.

Wishers and Dreamers Inc is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
What do Wishers and Dreamers do:

Wishers and Dreamers Inc (501c3 Nonprofit) sends to children suffering from illness, disease, disabling condition, or fighting medical challenges a hospital gown for their doll, bear, or little buddy to be used as a comfort item, encouragement, and a teaching tool for FREE.

Also, Wishers and Dreamers Inc. sends gowns to hospitals, medical facilities, and medical staff to provide the gowns to the children as a comfort item, encouragement, and a teaching tool for FREE. Each gown is handmade with LOVE and HOPE by friends, family, and volunteers. We are most proud of our Wonderful Volunteers that work so hard to put so many smiles on children’s faces.

Contact Info:

Wishers and Dreamers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Tax ID #47-1865187.

We send children suffering from illness, disease, disabling condition, or fighting medical challenges a hospital gown for their little buddy/doll FREE.



Made with 100% love by our volunteers!
All gowns are sent to children FREE of charge.